Courses and Activities

Booking is required to take part in courses and activities.


A staff member will teach this ancient trade using small wooden looms that will then be given to the students.

The course lasts an hour, which is enough to learn the basics, have fun creating small things and let your imagination run wild weaving bits of nature into your work - leaves, flowers and anything else you would like. Children are fascinated by weaving and learn very quickly.

Basket weaving

The course lasts two hours and gives you the basics of this ancient art; you will enjoy creating small objects such as baskets, trays, lampshades and many other things and rediscover the joy of a craft long forgotten…

All required materials will be provided and participants will receive a CD with detailed steps to repeat the activity at home.

Beekeeping: a look at the wonderful world of bees

Their life from A to Z: bees make honey, but that’s not all they do...

A member of our staff will explain this incredible world using stories and pictures and will give guided tours (in groups of one adult and two children at a time) of the hives to see everything up close.

The required protective equipment will be provided. Reservations are required to take part in the courses.

A tour of the farm

A member of the staff will take children and guests on free tours to visit the farm animals, telling them about the habits and characteristics of all the animals at the farm.

On request, children may accompany staff members in the morning and help them to feed the animals.

How to make soap

Learn to make high-quality soaps from glycerine, vegetable oils and flowers–gathered by the participants themselves.

Soap-making is really not that difficult, and at one time everyone knew how; it was generally seen as women’s and children’s work.

And children especially enjoy working with small moulds and making their own soap to take home as a souvenir of a day in the open air.

Sensory perception tours

These tours are unique experiences, giving participants the chance to perceive their surroundings from a completely new and fascinating point of view.

Our method enhances the different characteristics of various natural elements, thereby heightening and sensitizing some of our senses, such as touch or smell.

Walking barefoot on different kinds of ground, smelling the smells of nature while blindfolded or listening to its sounds in silence are only a few examples of these tours.

Baby sitting

Our babysitters have years of experience with children, starting from kindergarten age.

Entertaining children and amusing them is their job, and they love it. There are tours in the woods to discover plants and animals, and playtime alternates with athletic activities using small obstacle courses where the children can jump and somersault and imitate mythic Chinese creatures (dragons, tigers, monkeys etc.), thereby expressing themselves and increasing their awareness of their own bodies.