Here is the list of the courses and seminars at Nuova Era.

All the seminars and events here listed are organized by the Association Cu.D.A.T., whose aim is to spread and teach all the traditions which bring Man back to Nature.

The aim of the in-house seminars that are held at Nuova Era is to offer participants the chance to discover new worlds and new areas of knowledge, not in an academic environment, but as part of a holiday. Participants can alternate study time with moments of absolute relaxation and fun, spending a truly different sort of weekend which can also include family time. All seminars and courses are held and organized by the CU.D.A.T. association, which was set up to disseminate and teach any form of knowledge that can bring people closer to nature.

Enough of long, tiring seminars that leave you feeling tired and stressed when Sunday evening rolls around! Give yourself the chance to take part in the seminars that most interest you, while also leaving time for utter relaxation for both mind and body.

This formula allows participants to devote themselves to study without giving up time with their dear ones, who can entertain themselves during the seminar periods with all the other activities Nuova Era has to offer - or simply relax.

All meals are included in the price of the seminar and are prepared in such a way as to be completely in tune with the surrounding natural environment and also utterly respect your body’s health. All foods are produced by us and are completely free of chemicals and artificial treatments: we feel that food and air must be completely pure and genuine to guarantee a healthy life, in tune with the environment.